How to Grow Your Hair With The Greenhouse Method

Greenhouse Method for Natural Hair Growth

What is the Greenhouse Method?

Just like in agriculture, where you create an alternate environment for a plant to thrive, with all required nutrients supplied and favorable weather available. The Greenhouse Method is basically creating a separate environment for your hair to thrive. The conditions are controlled to suit your hair regardless of the eternal state of the atmosphere. 
The greenhouse method for hair growth

You can create a separate environment for your hair to thrive which is different from the norm. For example, your hair can be in summer, while the environment around you is winter or the weather can be dry but the environment of your hair is humid. 

That is basically what the Greenhouse Method is. Very simple, right? So now that you know this, the question is, why should you do the Greenhouse Method?  

You can do this for several reasons. 

  • One reason is to moisturize your hair. 
  • Another reason is to combat dryness. Moisturizing your hair is different from combating dryness
  • Another reason you do it is to ease the detangling process.  
  • You can also do it when you want to trim your hair.
The green house method for healthy natural hair

Greenhouse Method Technique

The most common way is by spraying a mixture of water and oil on your hair and covering it with a plastic cap or a disposable shower cap. You then proceed to wrap your hair with a towel or scarf. 

This procedure creates a heated environment that allows your hair to sweat because there is no way for the moisture to escape through, the hair strands instead, absorb the moisture and natural oils produced by the scalp. 

Benefits of the Greenhouse Method

  • It is very refreshing for the hair 
  • Makes the hair so supple and soft. 
  • Improves manageability

How often should you do the Greenhouse Method?

If your hair is normal, that is, you don't have any issues with extremely dry hair, you can do this once a week. 

If you are battling with dry hair or you are in the winter season or very dry, dusty, harmattan season, you can do this twice a week. 

Gauge your level and weather conditions to ascertain the number of times preferable for you. 

NOTE: The Greenhouse Method is not for everyone

Who needs the It?

  • People with dry hair need the Greenhouse Method
  • If you have low porosity hair, (this is when your hair does not absorb moisture easily), the greenhouse method is great as it forces your hair to absorb moisture. Because, by the time the environment is saturated with heat, moisture,, and humidity, the follicles will have no choice but to lift and absorb the moisture, then your hair will be saturated. 
  • When the external weather conditions are not favorable for your hair to thrive, you can also do the greenhouse method.

Who does not need the Greenhouse Method?

  • Those who have limp, soft, and gummy hair that easily breaks. 
  • People with high porosity hair, (which means your hair absorbs moisture easily), should stay away from the Greenhouse Method.

The Greenhouse hack

If you wear wigs once in a while, you can do the Greenhouse while you have your wig on. You can also do this method under any turban or scarf and go about your regular daily activities.

You can do the Greenhouse without adding water and oil because as long as the natural temperature is controlled, the hair will naturally sweat and the natural oils would be produced which is just as good.

Have you ever done the Greenhouse Method before? I would really like to know in the comment section below.

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