Proven Ways to Effectively Protect Your Natural Hair During the Cold Dusty Season

The weather has changed drastically, and as naturalistas we need to be at the top of our game. This means being prepared and taking proactive measures in order to prevent hair loss or breakage during the dry and dusty harmattan season.

Everything we would be doing during this period would center around hairstyles, management right up to products that we should use more or less off. This would go a long way to determine how your natural hair fairs.

We would extensively discuss effective methods to keep your luscious mane from being "under the weather".  

1. Choose your hairstyle wisely: I mean we've been working on our natural hair goals all year long, so why not flaunt it right?. However, this season is the time to consider doing more protective hairstyles. As much as we might want to flaunt our curls and get on the wash and go type of hairstyles or pineapple up-dos and high buns, your tips might get the better of it. Therefore, it is advisable to tuck them in nicely with a protective hairstyle. 
Some naturalistas might be opposed to the use of extensions or artificial hair. However, this period could be an opportunity to experiment with it.  This is because, if your hair is left exposed to the air that is drier and less humid, the moisture would be absorbed faster leaving your hair dry and prone to breakage. On the other hand, if your hair is styled into for example, an artificial lock or a crochet, it is less likely to lose moisture as quickly plus you get to rock a new hairstyle.

2. Take the frequency of product application into consideration: During much humid conditions you might need to moisturize your hair less often than in the dry and harmattan season. Water is certainly the best moisturizer,  therefore, having your wash day more frequently would help retain moisture better. 
Also, deep conditioning your hair during your wash days would ensure your strands remain strengthened and less prone to breakage. Between wash days, keep a spray bottle with a mix of leave-in conditioner, essential oils, as well as water handy. You can use this mix to keep your hair moisturized during the day, at night or when you are out.

The key products here is conditioner. During this season, you can never go wrong with a conditioner, be it deep or leave-in.

3. Eat your water: Water intake is crucial during the dry season especially for your natural hair. Don't be too concerned about the frequency of using the restroom, this is because due to the weather, water is absorbed from your pores as well.
If drinking water is an issue for you, there is an option to eat your water in the form of fruits like pineapples, watermelon oranges, grapes and the likes. These fruits have high water content and would go a long way to keeping your hair and skin moisturized at length.

4. Keep your hair protected at all times: While you may choose a protective hairstyle, you also need to keep your hair away from the dust. You can do this by using a satin scarf when stepping out of the house or when you know you are going to be outside for a while. A satin scarf not only protects your hair from the dust but also gives sun protection as well. You must also remember to sleep with a satin bonnet or use a satin pillow case as this is not the season to skip any day.

5. Keep manipulation to the barest minimum: Touching your hair, fiddling with it, and frequently changing hairstyles should be kept to the barest minimum. We are not saying your hair needs to be on lock down, however, it would be more effective to extend the stay of your protective hairstyle by at least 1 week before considering a change. 

6. Stick to a regimen: There was never a better time to follow through with your natural hair care routine. Your hair is watching you more closely this period and would react easily from any maltreatment or malnourishement. 

African Naturalistas has created the perfect regimen builder for you with easy to fill and follow as a hard copy or an e-copy.
This regimen builder is like a personal assistant, but for your hair. It would help you follow through and achieve all your hair goals.

Click send me the REGIMEN to get your personalized copy.

Did we miss anything?, let us know in the comment section. However, we are certain that if you follow all the methods above, your hair would thank you later and you would also thank us.

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