Hair Stylists' Guide: 12 Signs that your Clients' Hair is in Trouble!

The first person who notices a client's Hair Loss issue or Scalp Disorder is usually the Hair Stylist, but the stylist must be educated in the science of hair care to correctly identify these disorders

When it comes to hair stylists, we have bad hair stylists, regular hair stylists, and proactive hair stylists. A proactive hair stylist will not only "accidentally" discover issues in their clients hair and scalp, but will proactively look out for them, and offer recommendations or send clients to relevant specialists. As a hair stylist, you should aim to be a proactive hair stylist. And this is where this guide comes in.

If you are a Hair Stylist, this Ebook is my free gift to you. You can also forward this email to other Hair Stylists. Click here to download it.

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