The Uses and Benefits of Mint Powder - Hair, Skin and Food

Mint Powder

Mint Powder for Hair and Scalp care

Mint powder keeps the scalp clean free from dandruff and inflammation. It acts as an excellent coolant by keeping scalp refreshed, and balances healthy pH of scalp.

Mint Powder for Skin Care

Mint is rich in salicylic acid, making it an effective acne treatment. When applied on the skin, mint paste can help soothe the skin and keep acne away. Mint is rich in menthol and also has anti-bacterial properties. You can count upon to come to your rescue when it comes to frequent acne and pimple breakouts, sun burns and rashes. From cleansing to toning and hydrating your skin, mint helps your skin feel great.

Mint Powder for food

Mint is a popular ingredient in several foods and beverages, ranging from teas and alcoholic drinks to sauces, salads and desserts. While eating the plant offers some health benefits, research shows that several of mint’s health benefits come from applying it to the skin, inhaling its aroma or taking it as a capsule. Mint may also be effective at relieving other digestive problems such as upset stomach and indigestion.

You can easily add mint to green salads, desserts, smoothies and even water. Using fresh mint and other herbs and spices in cooking can help a person add flavor while reducing their sodium and sugar intake. Mint is a calming herb that people have used for thousands of years to help soothe an upset stomach or indigestion.

How to use Mint Powder for hair care

Mix water with your mint powder form a pasty solution, and add a little lemon juice to it. Use it as a mask on your hair and scalp. Cover your hair with a plastic/disposable/steaming cap for 30 to 45 minutes, and let the hair steam or use your natural body heat. Wash off

Where to get Mint Powder in Nigeria

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