Cantu Curling Mousse Wash and Go compared to Gel: My Opinion!

  A very Happy Tuesday to you Ladies! So recently, I tried out Hair Mousse as opposed to Gel for my customary Wash and Go, which I tend to wear as soon as the weather gets warmer on this end of the globe.
  For this, I looked to Cantu hair products, to be precise as the Curl Activator Cream and the Wave Whip Curling Mousse:
  Enjoy the brief video explaining why this is now my Styling Home for the Summer! Have a Grand Tuesday Beautiful Ones!


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  1. Fantastic. I do get a lot of shrinkage when I wash my hair (50%, my hair is mid back just before the end of the shoulder blade/front-on the breast) . It's a bit frustrating however it is the nature of our hair so I've accepted and embraced it.

    I'll this I think, if all else fails I'll give to my daughter, she has disgustingly wonderful hair (uck, eye roll, she always laughs at me while showing off her mega silky lush curls. Am like whatever, she's like "don't have mom.")


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