Flaxseed Natural Hair Gel D.I.Y!

  Happy Tuesday Ladies! I finally decided t make some FlaxSeed Gel. This has been a trend for the longest time in the Natural Hair Community.
  Flaxseeds are packed with goodness for your hair in the form of nutrients like Protein, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron and Omega 3 Fatty Acids which are beneficial to the growth of strong and healthy hair. Consuming these seeds is highly beneficial for your skin and hair, however using it topically in the form of a Natural hair Gel is just as good.
  The Omega 3 fatty acids in Flaxseeds are extremely nurturing for our hair follicles and increasing the elasticity of hair fibres.This causes hair to be stronger and less vulnerable to breakage.
  Omega 3 fatty acids are also known to have great anti-inflammatory properties,which make these seeds highly beneficial in reducing inflammation caused in various scalp conditions like dandruff and itchy scalp.
  My first time experience making and using Flaxseed Gel was surprising in a really good way!I did not actually expect to have such amazing results!The Gel left my hair feeling soft,while providing excellent hold and my hair literally gleamed!This rivals any commercial gel if you ask me!Also a little goes a long way so only a small amount is enough.

  Enjoy the video Ladies!



  1. Awesome recipe. I love adding peppermint to mine.

  2. Pls how long can the gel last before it expires


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