Must-Haves for travelling Naturalistas

Hello Naturalistas, How are you all doing? Kinks and all? In our part of the world, we save our trips for the holiday season. If you are a naturalista preparing for a trip here are essentials you must have.

Travel sized Products; You can get inexpensive leak proof bottles to fill your staples with, so you can have your hair as fly as it can be. There are also some products that come in travel size, you can just research if your favourite products does.

Bobby Pins; Every naturalista knows that you need Bobby pins but most importantly when you travel it's an essential. You don't want to be caught worrying about your hair too much and your hair can go from drab to fab with just a few pins.

Mini Spray Bottle; You'd need a mini spray bottle with your regular mix for the quick and easy application when needed. The fact that you have some of your staples in the product container helps with mixing.
Head bands

Scarfs; scarfs or any head wrap is also an essential. They can be used as a stylish headband or full on head wraps when a quick fix is needed. It can also be used to retain moisture and protect your hair depending on the weather of where you are.

Styling tools; Whatever you use for styling will also come in handy. But it is important that it is in a travel size so as to fit into your suitcase. 

Are you planning a trip soon? What are your travel must-haves? 

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  1. Great tips, I left the natural gang a while ago due to break combs and having a hard time to braid and all. But i wish I knew different ways to keep it moist and soft as I do now. o well, maybe in the next future :D



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