#HAIRSPIRATION: 5 Amazing Natural Hair B/Vloggers to follow!

Hi everyone. It's been a minute!  Beez are buzzing, Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming cos spring is in the air here in South Africa in our humble city of Jozzzzzaayyy!! Don’t know bout you but I’m soooo ready for summer... to feel the heat again, eat ice-cream, stomp at music festivals and whine and complain about how hot it is, hahah. I’m literally sticking my tongue out at all yall winter people, step aside cos summers moving in! Haha

Today, I’m bringing  you lovely nappy folks 5 amazing African Natural Hair Bloggers and Vloggers I follow for some #Hairspiration. Lord knows some inspiration is needed on this natural hair journey, cos you get those days neh. Those Nappy Blue days.. when you feel like you’d rather have anything else but your stubborn kinks and those other ones when you feel like you’ll never make your length goals.. lol (as If).

Follow these amazing women for hairspiration. They have been in the game longer than I have and they share amazing styling, length retention and Hair Growth tips on all of their pages!


#Hairspiration Discovering Natural
#Hairspiration DiscoveringNatural
DiscoveringNatural is the one to follow for hairspiration on how to deal with your kiddies natural hair. She and her two beautiful daughters are serious hair goals!! Her blog and vlogs has everything from transitioning tips to DIYs, to coffee rinses, not to mention and a whopping 64k following on her YouTube! I love to see her and her kids on my timeline and she is the perfect example of the mother I want to be in terms of taking care and teaching my kids on natural hair care


Follow her pages here:

BLOG: www.discoveringnatural.blogspot.com

VLOG/YOUTUBE; @DiscoveringNatural

FACEBOOK: DiscoveringNatural


#Hairspiration Tooandalee #Hairspiration Tooandalee

Thulis tapered cut with goldi-lock tips is refreshing! In this era where most of us naturalistas are scraping for length. I think she’s pretty cool and its so fun to read her Blog! I love to see her gorgeous blond tips as I scroll down my Instagram TL as well as her motivating quotes. She shares her 4dddd (lol) nappy hair tips on her blog as well as other fun shenanigans on her passion for fashion, travel, and cooofeeee!! Check out her pages here:

#Hairspiration TooandaLee
#Hairspiration TooandaLee

BLOG: www.tooandalee.com

INSTAGRAM: @tooandalee

FACEBOOK: TooandaLee


#Hairspiration IgboCurls

Igbo Curls ooooooooo! Choi! Chinwe from Igbo Curls has an incredibly stunning head full of beautiful luscious  kinks.. lol, thats how obsessed I am! When you read her natural hair story you would probably shed a tear because too many of us have gone through the same experiences for the sake of straight hair. Chinwe has been natural for 5 years and has blogged for four. She is everybody’s hair goals and has recently launched her mobile app!!! Natural Hair Care right at your finger tips!!! You can find Igbo Curls here:


BLOG: www.igbocurls.com



#Hairspiration FroChic  2016-09-13-00-20-20

Nangamso of FroChic shares her tips on how she cares for and maintains her gorgeous locs. She does product reviews and giveaways and vlogs on how she curls and styles her dreadlocks. In the future I would love to lock my hair too and she is inspiration!! She constantly features other naturals on her blog as well, so there is never shortage of hairspiration here

#Hairspiration FroChic
Check out her pages here:

BLOG: www.frochic.co.za




#Hairspiration NappyFu
NappyFu gives a real and fresh perspectives when she talks about her 4chair. Her weekly vlogs contain care and styling tips catering to 4a,4b and 4c hair. They so much fun to watch and guaranteed to give you a happy feeling. She is my favorite vlogger and I can totally relate to her Nappiness! I love Nappy Fu! Check out her awesome videos on her YouTube channel here:




I hope you enjoyed this read! Share this post with your friends! Information on Natural Hair Care is everywhere! #hairspiration when you see a gorgeous head of kinks online today Let's celebrate the beauty of Nappy hair ♥

Which natural hair b/vloggers do you follow? Share with me in the comments.

PS: You can email contact@nappyese.com to be featured! #hairpsiration

Love and Nappiness,



  1. I follow me at livingcoily.wordpress.com lol, as there arent many b/vloggers with thin fine type 4 hair out there:) As such i am inspired by and love nappilynigeriangirl, curlybola and protectiveprincess.

  2. I'm subscribed to DiscoveringNatural's channel. I love how she takes care of daughters hair.

  3. Thank you so much. I am humbled by the recognition. My joy is in sharing what I have learnt with others. (HUGS)


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