DIY LOUNGE : : Beaded Elastic Band.

All through last week my hair was either in a bun or an afro. At a point I got tired and bored with my plain elastic band and I made a mental note to do something to jazz it up when I had the time. Well, I eventually did that yesterday and this I what I got. 

Materials used
- beads
- elastic band
- glue.

- Apply a little glue on the spot you want to place the bead on. 
- Place the bead and then hold it still for a minute while blowing air at it. 
- Do this till you have covered the band as much as you want.

I think it came out nice but I would really want to know what you think. You should try this at home and if you really aren't a bead person, you could use buttons. Please let's know how it came out.

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