Assessing Our Natural Hair Goals For 2016

Hello everyone,

It's that time of the year to assess all our life goals. The time to look back at last ten months to see how far we have gone.

But before I continue, 

'Did everyone have hair goals for 2016?'

Yes? No?

Personally, I didn't exactly have hair goals. I just needed my hair to grow past the current level and I'm not sure it did.

I had a quite an eventful 'hair year' this year. It was particularly a year of firsts.

  • First trim
  • First time in a natural hair salon 
  • First time my hair was professionally styled 
  • First time in a natural hair photo shoot. 
  • First time using heat 
For a minute I was scared of the effects all of these would have on my hair. Which was why I tried to maintain a low manipulation regimen. I even went as far as simplifying my routine and products to the barest minimum.

Has there been any progress?

I'm not sure. I've been avoiding a length check because I'm afraid I might be disappointed with the results especially since my three-year nappiversary is around the corner.

All in all, it's been a decent hair year. I've finally found my staple products and I've stuck to it so there's a system going on there.

So, over to you.

Was 2016 good to your hair?

Love, curls and coils
Ebun Oluwole


  1. Just like you, I needed my hair to grow past a certain level and it did, but I blew out my hair last month and had my first real trim. The trim really took a lot of that length though, so I guess I'm almost back to where I started from.

  2. Was both disappointing and good. First half of the year was disappointing even though I experimented more with styles, but I later upgraded my regimen, and I am seeing great results.


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