Top 10 Tools for Natural Hair Care after the BIG CHOP!

Today I would like to share with you the Top 10 Tools and Things you need for your natural hair after braving out the biggest step of your natural hair journey! The BIG CHOP! If by now you don’t know what a big chop is you are on a loooong thing o. Download NappyHair by Ese e-book and get yourself familiar with all the natural hair terminologies.

Big Shout out to my baby sister, Khanya Mlilo And Olaoluwa Showemimo on their Big Chops! Whoop Whoop! Welcome to the Natural Hair family!!!

Right! In no particular order of importance the Top 10 Tools &Things you need after your BC are as follows;


So I went the extra mile and did a lil photoshoot for y'all

Y’all know how much I stress about moisture! It was honestly one of the first things I got into my brain when I started my journey. The key to length retention is Moisture!! Textured hair loses most of it moisture because of its fewer cuticle layers and tends to get dry quick! And no better way to have moisture handy than in a spray bottle. You can mix your favourite conditioner with water and just spray your strands every night before bed.


These are some of my personal faves in the pic above. Right after you moisturize your hair with water, best believe you’re gonna be making sure that moisture stays in. To prevent the moisture we just applied from evaporating into nothingness, coat your strands with some oils or leave-in butter (remember LOC?) to save the moisture in your strands. Different Oils work differently and the key is trying out some and figuring which works best for your hair. We shall discuss this extensively in another post.


Time to ditch your towels ladies and gents! Lol.. at least when it comes to your hair. There is no more walking outta the shower sexy with you hair wrapped in a towel in front of Bae, neither is there rubbing your hair vigorously with a towel. Towels cause breakage and split ends! A better way to dry your hair out is to dig into your wardrobe for an old cotton Tee-shirt. A tee-shirt is smoother, with less friction which will mean less breakage and split ends. So the next time you wash your hair, wrap your hair in a clean tee-shirt for 10-15 mins, it will dry quicker, with less frizz and probably a bit less shrinkage! Never rub your wet hair vigorously! Gone are those days, rather pat it to soak it out or wrap it.


Time to pamper your hair! Our Goal is to keep our fibres looking healthy and to retain length. This means minimizing any sort of friction. Satin Pillowcases for sleeping! Not only are they soft and shiny and make you feel like royalty, they are a good investment because cotton pillowcases will absorb the moisture we’ve worked so hard to maintain in our strands, Satin ones DO NOT. Its smooth material allows for your strands to glide smoothly as you sleep, we’re talking less tangles, split ends, you know the usual.  Same applies to the satin scarf or bonnet. Its important to always protect your strands before you sleep. I personally prefer the pillowcase to the scarf even though I have both, because I feel freer and sometimes Bae you know.. hahaa


This tool is vital! You can't be a natural hair sista and not have a scissor specially for trimming your ends. If you watched my natural hair journey video, you’ll remember I confessed to not trimming my ends in the first year of my journey because I wanted to retain my length. Wrong move! I literally just walked myself into my 2nd BIG CHOP. Unfortunately in this world we will in atm, there is no permanent cure for split ends, be mindful! Because a lot of products out there will claim to be able to get rid of your spits ends. What these products only do is temporarily fill in the the chipped or split spaces but you can be sure once the product fades out your back to ground zero. So be wise and trim your straggly ends. Un-trimmed split-ends will travel up the hair strands and destroy the rest of it. So its best to stop the damage ASAP, not only will you get healthier looking strands, but you will retain your length in the long run.


Deep Conditioning your strands should become one of your weekly or at least monthly regime if it isn’t already?? What a plastic bag does, it traps the heat radiating from the scalp or blow dryer, hereby causing the outer cuticle layer to open and for the strands to deeply absorb the products you have put on your hair. You can also just use a plastic grocery bag, but I would recommend to invest in a shower cap because plastic bags can easily melt from a blow drier. Make sure to deep condition for at least 15-30mins.


The applicator bottle is a good tool to have handy if you’re a natural that likes to protective style with weaves. It is very necessary to keep your scalp from drying and when you have your hair under protective styles. Ladies slapping and scratching your weave like there is a roach in it is not sexy at all (most of us have been guilty of this at some point, me included) It is NOT OK .When your scalp feels itchy, it means your scalp is dry and is in dire need of moisture! The applicator bottle has a pointy and small nozzle for control which makes it easier to apply products/moisture directly into your tracks and your scalp


As your hair grows longer, you are going to start trying out lots of different natural hairstyles, like Bantu knot outs, twist-outs, etc. Butterfly clips will be your life saver during styling. These babies are ideal for keeping your separated sections in place, even during detangling and Shampooing. They are great tools to have.


Hair bands come in different shapes and sizes. They are great tools for styling nappy hair in Updos and also for stretching out your hair!


Bobby Pins save lives yall, most especially if you’re a 4chairck, and your hair is the most defiant of all hair types to gravity. Always keeps a handful around. They are great for keeping styles in place.

So there you have it, these are my Top 10 tools every nappy haired folk should have, regardless of your hair type.




  1. Great post!,2 years plus natural and there some things I dont own like the butyerfly clips,plastic shower cap and a decent hair scissors . Someone over here is using craft and cloth scissors to cut hrr hair

  2. Loooool. A pleasure Ashake!


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