DIY LOUNGE - Yogurt Hair Mask

Yogurt is very effective when it comes to adding shine to our hair. It can also be used as an alternative if you think store bought conditioners are not good enough. Yogurts repairs dry and damaged hair, can serve as a good moisturizer and can make our hair easier to manage.
 Yogurt is a natural anti fungal and can help combat dandruff, it also has vitamin D and B5 which helps nourish our follicles, thereby reducing shedding.

Things Needed
* 6 tbs of yogurt
* 3 tbs of coconut oil
* 2 tbs of aloe vera gel

- mix all the ingredients in a bowl
- apply all over your hair, making sure it coats all
- cover with a shower cap and leave in for 1 hour
- wash out with a mild shampoo.

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