Will my natural hair grow the second time around?

Hello Naturalistas,

How are you all doing Kinks and all? I was scrolling through our Faceboook page and I saw a question that I would like to answer here today.

For someone that has done a BC 3 times since starting her natural hair journey in 2012, I think I am qualified to answer.

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The poster was just worried that she's not seeing growth after she did another BC. I think what we need to deal with first is "Why did you BC again?" The 3 times I did was for different reasons. Once, I wasn't taking care of my hair so well and I felt I needed to start again to get it right so I did.
Knowing that my aim was healthier hair, I won't be fixated on growth as much.

So, the big question; Will your hair grow again? YES! Absolutely. Maybe not at the pace you want it to grow but it will grow. Somethings are important for the journey to your desired hair lenght;

  • Ensure you are more about healthy hair than length
  • Be patient
  • Show your hair some TLC. 
  • Read and research
  • Get to know the dynamics of your hair
  • Did I say "be patient"? 
  • Stay consistent to your regimen and change what doesn't work
At the end of the day, you don't want long hair that is unhealthy. 

What will you say to naturalistas that are worried about hair growth?


  1. Lets also remember what you put in equals what you put out! Nutrition plays an important role in hair growth!

  2. I'm not sure Big chopping has any negative impact on our follicles. So yes, she should see hair growth if other things are in place.


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