Natural Hair Style - LOOSE TWISTS

About a month or two ago, while perusing Instagram, I came across this hairstyle - Loose Twists and I fell in love!!! I liked that it seemed to be a quicker and easier alternative to regular twists. Additionally whenever I twist my natural hair, I don't typically get a lot of volume, but with loose twists, the style makes my hair look fuller. I watched several tutorials online, which I will post below and I got to twisting! It took a couple of hours, but I've been enjoying the hairstyle.

My only worry is that my hair might get matted up and start to loc - it usually does that when I leave my natural hair in a protective twist style.

For maintenance, I just use my spray bottle or put leave-in conditioner directly on my hair. I also like that it's very easy to oil my scalp when needed. At night, I just put it in a bun or pineapple and tie my hair down with a scarf.

This week I've actually had the hair in a modified version of the style Beenzu posted last week. It definitely has kept my hand-in-hair syndrome away.

Have you ever done loose twists? If not, would you like to try them some day?

Berry Dakara.


  1. I love loose twists too. It takes less time than normal twists. Mine start to look like locs after a week.

  2. Loose twists are actually nice...I have tried them on wool stretched hair.

  3. I did loose twists once, and really enjoyed it. It made my hair very puffy and short looking. The onlyy downside was that unravelling it was hell cos it had matted so much, and I suffered breakage. Because of this, I didn't do it again.

  4. I love them. My go-to protective style because it's quick to do, easy to style and flexible. I enjoy the loc'd look too and it's been great for my length retention.


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