4 Products to Set Your Hair

Hi Ladies, happy Friday!

We all love a good twist out, flexi/permrod set, bantu knot out or wash and go. One essential ingredient to getting the look and hold you want is using a setting  product to keep your style. I think the best known open secret is that the key to definition is hold. And I mean soft hold, whereby your hair stays in place without it feeling like an arm cast (lol). Here are my top four suggestions in no particular order of preference.

1. African Naturalistas Twist and Style Gel
Perfect for laying down them edges, and holding your hair in place. You can shop for this product at our AN Store here or simply dial 08091377699 to place an order.

2. ORS Wrap/Set Mousse
This holds your curls for up to a week especially if you are attempting a style such as a flexi rod set, perm rod set or bantu knot out. I haven't tried it on a wash and go, so I can't attest to its holding powers in that situation.

3. Flaxseed gel
You can make it yourself  (read all about that here)  or buy some ready made. Flaxseed gel is excellent for those of use trying to minimise on harmful chemicals or compounds found in commercial gels. Perfect for your wash and go to set your curls.Other naturals love the hold it give them in their braids  and twist outs.

4. AN Twist and Curl Pudding
If gels and foam aren't your thing, try a pudding instead. AN has you covered with our Twist and curl pudding for lovely curl definition. You can shop for it on the store here.

What order should I apply my products in? 
Generally I suggest leave-in - setting product - oil/butter/polisher. However if you are doing a wash and go, I would suggest that you skip the oil/butter or apply it before you put the gel or pudding.

What are you waiting for? The defined hair style is waiting for you!


  1. It's been a while I did a perm rod set.

  2. I'm not a fan of setting. I'll rather do twistouts.

  3. What's the difference between AN twist gel and the twist pudding?


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