Natural Hair and Pregnancy: Hair care and Hair Styles

Hello Naturalistas, 

In this episode of Natural Hair and Pregnancy series, we would be looking at how we can be flexible with our hair care and hair styles we can achieve without stress for those that don't want to lean into the protective styling option.

One thing we have established is how your hair will take the back seat in the first few months of the pregnancy. The Idea of having a more flexible regimen isn't going to be me saying "do this" or "don't do that" It is entirely up to you and your hair, no regimen is one-size-fits-all but the main things to note is;

- Don't pressure yourself.
- Do the basics
- Let go of the stressful treatments
- Get tons of accessories and scarfs for when you don't feel like anything at all
- Let your spray bottle be your friend
- Moisturize
- Don't leave your hair unkempt
- If all else fails, go to the salon. 

Here are a few quick, stress free hair styles and tips to help you while being pregnant if you don't want do a protective style. 

So, we are going to be helping you reduce wash time and you won't have to bother about the looong process it takes to wash your hair anymore. Let's talk styles, We have this style technique for busy naturalistas you are technically busy growing a baby right? ;) and we know putting your hair in a bun is a very easy style, and we don't want you to have just one boring bun but different variations. When you are done with those styles (which we hope you don't exhaust soon) this is another quick style in just 2 steps, trust me, it's super easy! If you are in your early pregnancy and you still have to go to the office? I got you covered too, You can do this style without fuss. When the almighty shrinkage hits, know you have how to style it too. It might get increasingly difficult as the days go by, the fastest style will get you through those days. I hope you have loads of your must-have accessories you are going to be needing them and if you don't? Order what you need

And when all else fails? You can scarf your hair in 11 ways

With that, I have come to the end of the Natural Hair and Pregnancy Series and I want to present to our pregnant naturalistas a License to become a Lazy naturalista! Please, own it with pride!!! ;) 

We love you and hope to celebrate your little naturalista with you! 


  1. During pregnancy women should take very good care of their health and diet; due to lack of proper nutrition, protein, vitamin and minerals and other substances they are suffering from different problems. So for a healthy baby they should maintain a healthy diet. Apart from diet we can get some more problems from this article that how women are facing different problems like hair fall, weight gain and many others.
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  2. I agree, taking care of your health and being careful with your diet during pregnancy is very important. Thank you.

  3. hmmm i am a lazy natural on a normal day then you just handed me a Future license to be Super-lazy But the fear of Post partum hair loss will make me sit up by force when i eventually get pregnant. i love my hair that much cant loose it Mbok.

    1. LOOL. Yes oh!! One will sit up quickly!!

  4. Licence to be a lazy naturalista? If anything happens, they would come back and say you were the ones who gave them licence o.

  5. It gets very tough to take care hair and body during pregnancy. There are various issues happens on that period. However, this post shared some possible ways indeed to take care of hair naturally during pregnancy.


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