Curlformers results:From an Afro to Sleek Curls!

  Happy Tuesday Ladies! In today's video, I share with you the very sleek results I achieved using Curlformers. I have posted the full video before but just wanted to share this with you as a reminder that your natural hair is indeed very versatile and styling options are endless!
  I was really amazed by these results, I never believed my natural afro could be so transformed and without using heat! Enjoy the video Ladies, and make today Great!


  1. very lovely... if someone can do it for me i dont mind *shines teeth* just too lazy for the process

  2. I LOVE curlformers! And I think that they are more fool-proof than perm rods, bantu knots, or twist outs.

    KLP @

  3. Wow... Its very beautiful :-)

  4. This curlformers really work for you.

  5. When I saw the price of curl former it was as if I should start crying, however the joke of the story is I will most likely buy them. *signs* the woes of consumerism :(


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