How to grow your thinning edges

Some people experience thinning or bald edges at some point.There are numerous reasons why your hairline can thin. If you have full, long, thick hair and no edges, here is something that might help.

STOP doing these:
1. Wearing tight scarf, satin caps with non-satin border
If your scarf, satin bonnet or cap is too tight or is not satin around the edge, you are doing more harm than good.

2. Wearing tight Protective styles
E.g tight Ghana weaving or braids.  The tighter the style, the more tension you are applying to your hair and those fragile edges cannot tolerate it. You know your hair cannot bun but you want to force it (that's tension)

START doing these
1. Using healthy natural hair products. Your edges need to breathe, it needs air!  So stay away from products that have ingredients that might be of no benefit to your hair away. E.g petrolatum nd sulphate. They may cause more damage to the fragile area you are trying to regrow hair.

2. Sleeping on satin pillowcase instead of cotton pillowcase because the friction betwen cotton can lead to breakage

3. Massage your edges with Castor oil and hair growth oils like rosemary, sesame, amla, hemp seed and lavender oils.

4. Re-evaluate your diet. Sometimes you just have to treat it from the inside out. So try eating more veggies, fruits and lots of water. Exercise too is important

If after all said and done, you don't see changes, guess it's more than thinning edges, it could be alopecia. So you might just have to see a tricologist.

Enjoy the rest of the week

Till then


  1. i want to grow my edges,that arent thinning out though...

  2. Wow your edges made a full recovery by the end of the year Liz!! Currently working on mine too.

  3. I might be taking drastic measures, my edges agent that bad by any means, it's somewhere between your September and December picture, but near the front too are some shorter pieces, and I feel like if I don't start it all from the same length, those parts are just going to get shorter and break off, something people don't do as well, is trim their edges, last week after watching a video of YouTube of someone shaving their hairline of after a bad case of braids, I decided to trim my edges top, found very thin ends! No wonder they didn't grow that much.
    My diet is also changing slowly, mainly getting my nutrients from actual food, protein, vegetables, less junk, water and then adding extra nutrients from multivitamins. I'm hoping the new batch of hair I grow is stronger than ever.

  4. The question, Elizabeth, is how did your edges get so bad in the first place? Last time I checked, you used to be bald.

    1. lol...I'm no more bald na. Guess too much tension on my edges caused it


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