Kenyan Blogger Claims Natural Hair Is Ugly

Yup! You heard right!

Hello everyone!

Recently, Kenyan blogger Nancy Roxanne wrote an article on uReport titled  “Ladies, natural hair is ugly! There, I said it.” . According to her, natural hair is not for everyone and it is a "pain to manage".

This is coming from someone who watched her friend transition to natural hair and then back to relaxed hair under a month.

Read what she had to say;

It is said that a woman’s beauty is in her hair. Women go to great lengths to achieve gorgeous hair. Some perm and relax their hair. Some spruce up their hair with extensions. Others sport weaves or wigs. And then we have the pompous of them all; the ‘naturalistas’. They believe that nappy is happy. I beg to differ. In my opinion, the eye-appeal of hair is in the length and volume. But that is just me.

The natural hair community in Kenya is something of a cult, what with all these natural hair gurus over-sharing routines, regimens and hair recipes on social media. I never cared much about ‘team natural’ until I watched a friend transition from relaxed hair to natural hair then back to relaxed hair in under a month. Someone needs to blow a hole in this natural hair Shangri-La that some people have got going on.

First of all, natural hair is not flattering to everyone. I even dare say it is ugly. Only a handful of women actually look good with kinky hair. Still, masses of unenlightened women wake up one day and decide to rock natural hairstyles only to end up adding to the ghastly parade of natural hair disasters being flaunted around.
Secondly, contrary to what the naturalistas may want you to believe, natural hair is a pain to manage. Getting natural hair to look presentable enough to leave the house is a nightmarish chore. Washing, detangling and styling involves a gruelling regimen where you spend hours with hands over your head.

If cramping arms is not enough to deter you from going natural, maybe the financial requirements needed to maintain natural hair will. You will need an arsenal of hair products to keep your natural hair looking good. Be prepared to spend quite a bit of money on gels, oils and hair conditioners, among other products.

Many people jump into the bandwagon of natural hair without carefully considering how their new natural hair regimen will affect their lifestyles. The financial and time investment is not a luxury everyone can afford. My friend could cope with the financial aspect but realised her busy schedule could not accommodate hours of detangling and deep conditioning. She wanted something neat and simple, like running a comb through her hair twice before rushing to work.

The bottom line is, natural hair is not for everyone. Erykah Badu always has a team of hair stylists at her beck and call. That is why her natural hair is always on point. You clearly don’t, so leave natural hair to those who can manage and actually look good with natural hair.

Ladies! What do you think? Do you agree with her? Does she have a point?

Let's hear it!

Love, coils and curls.


  1. Smh. She just showed the world how unenlightened she is. Pity. She should do an unbiased research before giving an opinion.

  2. That's rather rude honestly. She paints it from the pessimistic point of a person who has never had natural hair. Yes natural hair is time consuming and yes it can eat into your budget. The thing is once you have a regimen and routine down it is less time consuming. As for products, it depends on whether you want to be a product junky. Product junkism is a choice. I am both proud and embarrassed to say i'm a product junky. I've seen ladies' hair flourish on nothing but water,black soap, leave in, one or two conditioners and shea butter- full stop.

  3. This is the finest example of writting anything to earn you some clicks!She only wrote this because she knew many people will be interested in this topic and increase her traffic and it obviously worked!I cant even try and reason with her way of thinking but as a fellow Kenyan,I would just like to say she represents a very small minority,we are not all like this!Natural Hair is just the way it was intended to be-Beautiful.

    1. Definitely! We already have people like you repping natural hair!

  4. I don't even know what to say at the moment.Her reasoning is somehow dull.No you don't need to spend so much on natural hair,just because you see ladies with gorgeous hair saying they use this and that doesn't mean you should get whatever products they are using.Water amd shea butter is enough to see you through your journey

  5. I don't think I should waste my time and energy in responding to her stupidity. Like Irene said, she wrote it only for sensational value. She might have had some points but she is seriously and grossly lacking in tact.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  6. It's unfortunate to know that many share that view of hers. They feel their natural hair ain't worth a cent but begin to drool when they see long hair. Mtcheew.

  7. Wow. Well mission accomplished. She now had traffick. Ooooh if blacktwitter descends upon her, iyoh. She had some points but didn't have to be so sour and condescending.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

    1. I absolutely cannot wait for black Twitter to go in full-fledged. It would be epic!

  8. I don't even want to get angry this evening. That was my initial reaction before I realised the girl needs some attention desperately. I don't even want to know her name or her site. Don't want to help her acheive her aim

  9. Lol she got the blog traffic she was looking for. She and her silly thought on natural hair issues will be alright.

  10. Ignorance speaks... while I walk away, and help more ladies have healthy natural hair.

    Onto a more serious matter jare...

  11. Wait whaaattttttt? Where have I been with all of this?
    Anyways ignorance speaks, I see her having an eureka! moment on how to increase site traffic and coupled with her ONE friend's experiences, she came up with this.


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