Trichology Corner: Hair Colour

Hair Colour is a hereditary trait, determined through genes. Genes determine the amount and type of pigment that is produced by an individual. Melanocytes produce melanin, which are tiny granules of pigment. There are different types of melanin, and the ratio of the different pigment produces different colours, which are determined genetically.

Types of melanin pigments


This is a type of melanin pigment predominant in black and brunette hair. The two types of eumelanin are black eumelanin and brown eumelanin. A small amount of eumelanin in the absence of other pigments creates blonde hair


This is a lighter pigment found in red hair. People with red hair are less able to produce the dark eumelanin pigment.

Other things to note

People with dark hair may still produce the yellow-orange and red-yellow pheomelanin pigment
Grey hair has only a few melanin granules

White hair has no melanin at all. It is actually transparent, with no colour, but appears white, due to the way the hair strand reflects light.

N.B: Remember that when it comes to hair care, there's a lot of fact, fiction, myth and reality on the internet. In the event of any confusion, it is advised you see a professional hair care expert.

Atilola Moronfolu (HPT) is a certfied hair care expert and a holistic practitioner of trichology certified and accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and Mahogany Hair Revolution, Los Angeles, California. To book a hair clinical appointment with Atilola in Lagos Nigeria, send a mail to or call 07061141501.

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  1. interesting , how does this help if i'm trying to dye my hair

    1. The speed and effectiveness the dye/bleach will have will also depend on the strength of your melanin. Darker hair react to dye differently from lighter hair.

    2. True!.It takes effort for darker tones of hair to absorb the colour of a dye.It's like wanting your really dark hair to take the henna colour,it takes time

  2. Nice info.Reminds me of those black people in Oceania with naturally occurring blond hair.

  3. To take Atilola's place here,hehe,i guess that depends if you wanna go the permanent or semi-permanent route.

  4. Hmmm white hair is actually!

    1. Yes o, it is. There's nothing like white hair, but there's grey hair.


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