Lush Henna Application and results!

Hallo Ladies!I hope you are having a wonderful day and in the best of spirits!In today's video I share with you my Henna Application process using the Lush Henna Bar from Lush in the colour Caca Rouge.
This bar is a prepared block of natural Persian Henna which is one of the finest forms of Henna you can purchase. The Bar contains conditioning Cocoa Butter which aides in giving your hair a gleaming shine,Organic Lemon juice which aides in bringing out the Red Highlights in your hair after Henna application and Rosemary.
I purchased my Henna Bar on line at Lush Cosmetics and this video is a step by step process of my application and results.

 Enjoy the video Ladies and have a Blessed Day!


  1. Little to no mess is always welcome.Wonder if this is sold in Naija tho.

  2. I used the black Lush henna about 3 years ago. In fact, that was my first experience with Henna. Like the fact that it was in blocks. But its pretty damn expensive. I mean, it was a whole 7 pounds that time. I wonder how much it is now.

  3. I'll check out the Lush store on my next trip

  4. This looks like an easy way to use henna on ones hair.No mess!.


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