African Naturalistas in Ghana

Hi Ladies,

For the second time around, we would be in Ghana... For many reasons, but mostly due to Afrotastic 2015 Natural Hair and Beauty meet up, which is happening on 11th of July, 2015.  I will be speaking at the event, and would also have a stand there. You can find out more about the event here. If you are in Ghana, there's no other place you want to be on that day.

In the spirit of being proactive, and due to the regular emails we receive from Ghana,we are going to be taking preorders. At last year's Afrotastic event, our table was really bombarded with buyers that it was very difficult to control the rush at the table.

Therefore, if you are in Ghana, in order to avoid the rush, as we wouldn't be able to take too many products, this is the opportunity for you to start preordering your African Naturalistas products, by placing your order here. For it to count as a preorder, just send a confirmation email to, after placing your order, and we would make sure your package comes on the flight to Ghana with us.

Also, African Naturalistas products will be sold at the Afrotastic 2015 event. So if you are not able to preorder, get your long-awaited African Naturalistas products there, if it has not yet been sold out.

We would have several products available, such as shampoos, conditioners, several oils, tons of ayurvedic herbs, cocoa butter, hair accessories and so so much more. You don't want to miss this opportunity.

We will also be signing up affiliate resellers. So for all my Ghanaian people sending in affiliate requests, this is the time to lock it down. You can find out more about our affiliate program here.

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