Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 109

So Dimeji was at my house over the weekend. According to him, he was there to hang out with my brothers, and not to see me. Knowing how close they have become over the past two years, I have grown accustomed to such episodes.

When he got to my house, we talked in the living room for about 30 minutes before the came to drag him to their room.

As usual, they were all loud and lousy about all their discussions

As usual, they hugged their games like it would run away the next minute.

As usual, I eavesdropped through their door for some time.

As usual, I later got tired, and walked away.

I decided that since me and my brothers are sharing my boyfriend, and it was not yet my turn, I might as well undo my twists, and thoroughly detangle my hair. And this was exactly what I did.

After about 45 minutes, they came out of my brothers’ room, and met me working on my hair. The look of their faces said it all.

“Anna has started with her baby again.” The youngest one started.

I rolled my eyes at him, refusing to be tricked into a conversation which was obviously going to go against my favour.

“Yes o. Anna and her baby, no one can separate them.” Dimeji joined in.

I began to wonder when Dimeji joined my brothers to refer to my hair as my baby.

“Her baby comes first in her life. See how she just calmed down to pamper it. See, she’s not even saying anything, because when it comes to her baby, there are no arguments.” The younger one continued.

I knew he was trying to get me to talk, but I wasn’t going to fall for it.

“Actually, her baby comes first, second, third, fourth, up till the twentieth. God, Dimeji, Mummy, all of us, and every other person in her life share the 21st spot.” My second brother chipped in.

They sure were having fun at my expense, and I continued to ignore them. It sure wasn’t a walk in the park.

“I agree with you.” Dimeji said. “I remember when she cancelled a date with me because she didn’t get her hair right, even though I was already here.”

“Haa, yours is easy. After all, we live with her. I have missed an appointment for internship interview because she took so long to wash her hair in the bathroom.”

“What of the time she made us count the strands of hair she lost while detangling, and compare it to that of the previous week, so she could know if her protein treatment was working, and her hair shedding has reduced?”

“Hmm, she has made our languages change. We even speak the natural hair lingo better than some women now.” Dimeji said. “Anyway, you guys are still lucky. I will most likely be the one to put up with the satin bonnet for the rest of my life.”

“Haa, guy, we don’t envy you.” That satin bonnet is not the business at all. We can’t wait for her to just marry and leave. We are tired of the seeing the cele cap.

“I can have her during the week, and you guys can have her during the weekend to help her mix her concoctions and detangle her hair. That way, we both share the burden of helping her baby grow.” Dimeji said, evidently enjoying himself.

When I saw that these guys would not go back to their previous game, seeing they were playing a more fun one, I gently took my satin bonnet, wore it, and left for my room after I had had enough.

No Way, I'm Out!
If they want to continue trading stories about my hair, let them do it in my absence.

While in my room watching a movie on my laptop, I began to wonder. Seeing there is always an element of truth in every joke, I wondered if my hair was really a burden to the guys in my life. Well even if it is, I wouldn’t give up my baby for anything. I don’t care how many thousands of jokes they make!

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  1. Lol @ cele cap... That got me.

  2. I prefer tying the satin scarf to wearing the cap

  3. Their comments were hilarious, they love you just the same.


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