So, I had a "re chop" last week and asides being angry that I was over charged, the outcome wasn't so good. I was charged 1k5 to trim my hair without my conditioner and 1k to do so with my conditioner ( ehn, I didn't know I am supposed to carry my conditioner everywhere). So, I asked  "what if I want to add some colour ?" She said the salon could do that and since I was already there, I told them to get to work..
  Long story short, I paid N3,700 to dye and trim my hair, I know for some of you guys it's really not much but for me, I think it's a whole lot. Anyways, before leaving the salon, I felt like a diva but after getting home,I discovered some parts of my hair were still black and the rest a shade of brown! Can u imagine ? after spending 30 minutes under the dryer with a used shower cap on my head! 
  Well, my experience has inspired me to save others from going through what I went through and to let you know you can DIY.

        Things you need

  Leave in conditioner


  Old t-shirt

 A pair of scissors 

 Conditioner  ( not leave in) 


              Apply some of the conditioner on your hair ( it helps you know your Virgin hair from your relaxed hair) 

             Your relaxed hair by now should look sharp and straight, while your Virgin hair, looks curly.

             Using the scissors cut out the sharp and straight tips.

             After cutting all the straight tips, rinse out shampoo with cold water. 

             Dry with an old t- shirt, apply some leave in conditioner, oil and some Shea butter.

 STEP 6 
              Comb and then style with a wide tooth comb and if you are like me, you might not even comb at all( trust me, it's looks cute).

Don't be a lazy natural head, DIY


  1. pleaasee can i get your number or send me a mail to'd love to hear from you cause am about to transition.


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