Trichology Corner: Diffuse Thinning

As a kick off to this column, let us talk about Diffuse thinning.

This is thinning that is sometimes seen prior to full blown hair loss or a sign of androgenic alopecia.

Causes of diffuse thinning are
1. Long term illnesses and hormonal changes can have a negative impact on the hair growth cycle, causing, causing hair to rapidly go into the catagen or telogen phase. The resulting telogen effluvium causes an appearance of diffuse thinning.

2. Diets such as crash diets and even some vegetarian diets do not provide adequate protein, and this can lead to severe thinning and shedding of the hair.

3. Poor blood circulation deprives the hair of proper nutrition and toxin removal therefore the healthy hair growth which is dependent on consistent blood supply is affected.

4. Excessive fatigue, unexplained weight gain, dryness or roughness of the skin, or feeling cold are all symptoms of hypothyroidism, of which diffuse thinning is one of them.

5. Medications and prescribed drugs can lead to diffuse thinning. Some common ones are ace inhibitors and beta blockers, which are forms of high blood pressure medications.

6. Cytotoxic drugs used in chemotherapy completely destroy hair cells because the drugs are designed to destroy fast-replicating cancer cells, of which hair is one of them.

7. Ageing also causes diffuse thinning, due to the fact that it makes us more susceptible to diseases, metabolism slows as ageing occurs, therefore cell replication slows down.

Anyone who starts noticing an increase in a widening path of the hair is strongly advised to immediately see a professional in order to determine the cause of the thinning.

N.B: Remember that when it comes to hair care, there's a lot of fact, fiction, myth and reality on the internet. In the event of any confusion, it is advised you see a professional hair care expert.

Atilola Moronfolu (HPT) is a certfied hair care expert and a holistic practitioner of trichology certified and accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and Mahogany Hair Revolution, Los Angeles, California. To book a hair clinical appointment with Atilola in Lagos Nigeria, send a mail to or call 07061141501.

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