Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 105

It has finally happened! It is not as if I wasn’t expecting it or that I am surprised, but maybe I wasn’t expecting it this soon… this way.

I realised that in the turpsy turvy of my having to go to work in this vicious season of fuel scarcity, I had not spoken with Tonya intensively in almost three weeks.

I decided to call her out of the blues, but she wasn’t picking my calls. I called and called over and over again but she didn’t pick. Later, it occurred to me that she might actually be ignoring my calls.
I then decided that if she kept ignoring me, I would risk going to her house unannounced by the weekend. Thankfully, she picked up my call on Friday night.

After beating around the bush of small talks, I finally got to the meat of my discussion, and asked her what was wrong.

“I don’t get. There’s nothing wrong. Everything is fine.” She feigned an upbeat tone.

“Really? So why have you been ignoring my calls? You never ignore my calls.” I countered.

“Sorry that I missed your calls. I am hardly with my phone these days. You know how crazy things have gotten in Nigeria.”

“Tonya, that’s no excuse. Normally even if you miss just a call from me, you always always return it. Now, we are talking about tons of calls here. So I know it is intentional.”

Knowing I had backed her into a corner, she gave up. “I am that transparent, right?

“Of course, you are. Plus I know you very well.”

“Well, since you know me so well, how come you haven’t figured out that Sola dumped me?”

And just like that, she threw the bombshell at me. I had to gulp some air before I continued.

“Ehm, actually… I suspected.” I noddded

Pleased Nod Yes
“You did? Hmm, did he tell you anything?”

“No.” I immediately defended myself.

“Did you see him on the red carpet with another woman?”

“Tonya, he’s a TV presenter. He’s always with other women on the red carpet. That doesn’t mean anything.”

“Oh, true!” She said dismissively.

“So what happened? Why did he break up with you?”

“That is what I can’t really understand. He just said he formerly thought I was the one for him, and we were destined to be together, but recently, he feels we live in separate worlds, and our individual plans for the future don’t seems to be along the same path. I mean, I can’t really wrap my head around his reason. He said it is best we just remain friends. He asked me to keep the ring. I mean who does that? As if I need his filthy ring.”

Once again, the degree of Tonya’s naivety hit me. Everyone in the world except Tonya knew that Sola and Tonya had no business being together since she can’t live here forever. The sad part is that she had a way of seeing things only from her own angle. To think that she was going to uproot a popular face from his career and move him to a place where she had nothing planned yet was just the height.

“And that is why you didn’t pick my calls. So what do you want to do now?”

“Well, I think I will just stay back to finish work this month, and return home.”

“Really? That soon?”

“Of course.  After NYSC, Sola was the only reason I stayed back this long. It has been an experience here in Nigeria. I actually sent in my resignation letter yesterday.”

“Wow. So it is final then.”

“Yes, it is.”

And so, that was how the cookie crumbled. I will actually really miss Tonya, but I am not in the least bit surprised about how the whole story turned out. I actually believe she will be better off with her family back in the states. At least, she gave life her best while she was here.

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