How to Treat Dandruff in Your Kids Hair

How to treat Dandruff in Your Kids Hai
By DiscoveringNatural
Before I started paying proper attention to how I care for my hair and my girls' hair, dandruff was the norm. If I saw dandruff on our scalp, I would remove it, and apply some grease to my hair, with the hope that it cure the flakes. Although it hide it for some time, after a while the dandruff reoccurred and the whole cycle continued. Dealing with dandruff on the scalp can be a hassle. The white flakes can give the hair an appearance of being uncared for and it can also cause itchiness in the scalp area. There are several ways to avoid getting dandruff.
  • Minimizing the amount of products used on the scalp
  • Cleansing scalp properly
  • Using effective oils that nourish and protect the scalp
  • Consuming water regularly throughout the day
In the video below, I give you some homemade remedies that have worked for myself and my girls.

Click here or watch below:

What has helped you in keeping dandruff from your child's scalp?


  1. Good tips! I definitely need to drink more water and cleanse my scalp more. Do you think baby wipes are bad to use while you have braids on?

  2. Thanks. When trying to determine if a product is good or bad for use on hair, I usually research the ingredient list and see what benefits it has to the hair.


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