Learn how to make a Crochet Wig

Hi everyone!
Thank God it's Friday, a holiday (Democracy Day in Nigeria), a day of change and hope (the inauguration of our new president) and my birthday!

Last week I attended my cousin's wedding and at the very last minute (the night before) decided that I would attempt making a crochet wig. There are numerous tutorials on YouTube and it's pretty easy.
All you need are a weaving/wig cap, crochet needle (I prefer bobby pins though), extensions (I used a kinky braid, and also Cuban twists), scissors and finally a wig head.

african naturalistas, crochet wig, natural hair styles, team natural

The first one I made with the kinky braiding hair was a hit and I liked the texture because it was soft and light - my sister took it from me though. I used 2 packs for this one.
natural hair, crochet wigs, crochet braids, protective styles, berry dakara

The second one, I made (for my other sister) using Cuban twists and while it's not as soft as the other hair, it matches my texture so well. So much so that I can leave hair out and try different styles. I used 1.5 packs for this one. 

natural hair, crochet wigs, crochet braids, protective styles, berry dakara

Here are some great tutorials below. 

Have a very nice weekend, and if you have 2 hours on your hands, you can try making this wig. Some people dip the hair in hot water while rolled up to have a curly/ringlet effect - it's up to you.


  1. I'm gonna try this...

  2. My favourite post so far this year.

  3. Thank you Berry.
    Um. How do I get that weaving/wig cap? I haven't seen that type before.

    1. I got it from the US but they should be available here in Nigeria. Just not sure where

  4. Nice one Berry.
    I saw the post on your blog and was excited about it.

  5. Beautiful! Very real too! I also don't like the crochet hook and feel more comfortable with bobby pins.


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