Summer Natural Hair Plans For Kids

Summer Natural Hair Plans For Kids
By DiscoveringNatural
The school year is almost over, what better time than now to start thinking of what to do with the kids when it comes to their natural hair. You might be thinking of putting your child's hair in a protective style because of all the outside activities they will be partaking in, swimming especially. All this is good and dandy, however, have you considered using this time to educate your child in how to care for their natural hair?

One thing you can do this summer is teach your child how to braid her hair. You can start off by letting her try doing it with dolls, or use this simple method shown below. Click here or watch below.

You can also let your child try to attempt doing their hair themselves. You will be quite surprised as to how much your child know about caring for their natural hair. Click here or watch below.

Want to know what I will be teaching my girls this summer?

Both Big Sis and Lil Sis know how to twist and braid their own hair, we will be working on doing flat twists and cornrows. Big Sis can do French braids on her doll's hair, but I will teaching her how to do it on her own hair.
Summer Natural Hair Plans For Kids

What will you be teaching your child this summer?

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