Hairspiration: Bantu Knot-outs

Hello everyone!

I've been called out previously for not posting my recreations but the thing is, I don't have a camera anymore and I really hate posting low quality pictures on blog posts. That been said, I've decided to share this one regardless.

This style was achieved via a two day old bantu knots - which I'm currently loving at the moment. I especially love how my ends are moisturized and protected. I unravelled and styled it for a Sunday service. Initially, I decided on a froawk but somehow it felt bland and inadequate, like something was missing. It didn't even help that it was a bit frizzy. Anyways, I looked into my stash in search of an accessory and I found this old stretchy comb which I used during my relaxed days. It came in real handy and before I could say Edward Cullen, the style was made. So, I converted my froawk to this - updo? I decided on bangs at first but I didn't like the way my hair was hanging on my head so I just turned it inwards. I think it's called a pompadour.

Product Used.
- Hair Spritz - made with Aloe Vera Juice, African Naturalistas Leave-in and Sunflower Seed Oil.
- African Naturalistas Twist and Curl Pudding.
- Tons of bobby pins.
- Stretchy comb.

Is this something you can recreate?

Love, kinks and knots.

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