My Personal Experience: When Hair Braiding Goes Wrong

By DiscoveringNatural
As a child, every weekend, my mother would take me to get my hair braided. On one particular Saturday, she took me to a new hairdresser. I had seen a style done by a classmate of mine in Primary School and described this style to the lady who braided it quite well. What was the style? It was one of those styles that you make one braid to form a spiral around your head. This style is now common among people that get weaves.

Similar design but cornrowed NOT flat twisted

Well...while the lady was braiding the hair, I felt it being tight. As a child, I never spoke up or complained, well... it was rude to do so. After she completed the style, my mom took me on some errands. I was not sure what happened.... all I knew was that I FAINTED.

What lesson can be learnt from this? SPEAK UP when braids are tight.

There are signs that show when hair is being braided too tightly. Here are some:
  • Whitish bumps appear around the parting lines (by the braids)
  • Reddness of skin in that area
  • Puss can start to form in the area
  • Hair Loss
  • Scalp Damage and Irritation.

What do you do if this occurs

There is only one thing that should be done, unbraid the hairThis is exactly what my mom had to do. Luckily for me, it was just one braid... one VERY TIGHT BRAID.


  1. *Cosses arms* I was a victim, several times infact. I should start a foundation.

  2. That was a really tight braid.
    For me the African threading was almost always an issue especially the ones at the back. This was when I was young.
    Now I keep asking my daughter " is it too tight? I hope its not Painful"
    So far it has worked for us. And of course our handy paracetamol just in case.

    1. I do that also. You have got to ask the question, that is how you will know if you are holding it too tight.

  3. Whoa! You fainted :O
    That must have been a crazy tight braid.
    I nominated all you lovely AN ladies for the sunshine blogger award here

  4. That must have been an extremely tight braid, I guess as children we all experienced this with those local hairdressers


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