Natural Hair Meetup Photos - NITC 8 and Locs Appreciation Day

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Hope you've had a nice week. This is a looooooooooooong overdue post, but my laptop has been taken hostage and I can't transfer pictures from my camera to my memory card. However I was able to get some pictures on my phone, and Ebun has generously allowed me to use some of her pictures (you can see her review of the event on her blog here), and you can see LAD pictures on Locitude's blog as well. All in all, it was a fun day, full of rain and natural hair all around! Enjoy.

I got to Naturals in the City 8 quite early but one of the first people I met was our very own Ebun!!! Yes, we're both part of the AN Team, we both live in Lagos, but we'd never had the pleasure of meeting. And finally we did, as she manned the registration table. We got a few shots before more guests arrived, and I was a bit jealous of her hair cos she's been natural for a year basically, and her hair's almost as long as mine that's been growing for how many gazillion years.


Later on, we caught up with Madam AN, Atilola, and I reveled in my height. I specifically wore my highest pair of shoes to prove how much taller than her I am. :p She was a busy bee, as she was selling AN products at NITC 8 as well as the Locs Appreciation Day event.

I was able to capture some pictures of guests, vendors, and I'm supplementing with pictures from Ebun's blog here.

Stretching hair with African threading

Apples and Oranges Spa was there and did free hair-styling

After I won a free hairstyle from KL's Naturals (I'm sure she thinks I'm stalking her), it was time to head over to Locs Appreciation Day. For a first time event, I have to say that it was really well planned and executed. They even had a little magazine that comprised of articles and interviews from Locitude. Meanwhile, there's a locs photographer that I need to go and stalk/interview for African Naturalistas!!! Enjoy the pictures.

A migraine and shrinkage had caught up to me by this time

Have a nice weekend everyone.


  1. I love the fact that you always look happy

  2. Nice pictures, soo itching to make locs.

  3. Looks like you had a fun day out despite the migraine.
    Well done Berry.

  4. @ Ope: Thanks!

    @ Ronii: G'head!

    @Idy: I sure did :)


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