Naturallure Spotlight: Will-I-am

Hi Naturalistas
Someone finally requested for their favorite to be featured and I am happy that today at least it is not just my opinion. It is my pleasure to bring Will-I-am to our spotlight today.
Will-I-am is an American singer and rapper who became popular through his band, the black eyed peas. He loves to wear his hair in many styles but currently has this very structured asymmetric cut that gets him easily noticed. I must say I love it.
Enjoy his pictures. 

                       His current hairstyle 

He first tried this cut but has now settled for the first 

Photo credits
The first:  Source 
The rest: Source 

Which is your favorite look of him?

Remember you can also nominate your favorites for a chance to have them featured.

Twitter/Instagram: @janylbenyl


  1. Love the first look. It is different and unique.
    His music is equally as nice.

  2. If you really look well, you will observe how cute this guy is.

  3. He's really cute, and I'm so feeling his hair

    1. Thank God you still noticed his hair
      He is cute btw

  4. I didn't realise how cute he is until now...


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