My Experience With Coconut Milk on Natural Hair


Hello ladies! 

I used coconut milk for the first time when I was transitioning. A mean after all the nutrients and benefits it claims to have, I had so much expectations. I actually had coconut oil in mind but somehow along the way, I reserved some milk for DC. After applying and washing out after a while, nothing happened. No obvious improvement in texture and whatnot.  

A months ago, while shopping in a supermarket, I spotted a packaged coconut milk(above) and I bought it instantly after all I haven't used it since my big chop. I got home, emptied the can, preserved it and waited until wash day. 

Wash day arrived. I didn't want to use it alone so I bought plain yoghurt, mixed it and applied on my hair. After a while, I washed it out. I particularly noticed that instead my hair to become softer as I had expected, it became harder. I was shocked. Even after washing, it was still hard. I had to quickly moisturize my hair. 

Last month, I colored my hair before which I had prepared a special delicacy of Avocado, Yoghurt and the same coconut milk all blended together. In mind, it wouldn't have so much effect. Smh.  If only I knew. 

Turns out that the coconut milk overshadowed the Avocado and yogurt so much that, they ''lost their powers'' so to speak. After washing out, my hair was still hard. 
I was so upset.

 I've refrigerated the remaining until I can think of what to do with it but for now, I'm staying clear of coconut milk. 

So ladies, what's your experience like? Does raw coconut milk work for you or does it have a counter-effect like mine? Let's talk! 

Love,knots and kinks


  1. it was probably because of the protein in the coconut milk.. mixed mine with a moisturizing deep conditioner and abit of honey.. my hair came out not too soft and not too hard.. was perfect.. you should try this.

  2. My hair does not love coconut oil/milk/anything. My hair gets really straw like, so I just avoid it except on Prepoo days.

  3. Is coconut milk supposed to make your hair softer? I'll google it.

    1. Yes, it makes hair soft. I really think it is because she used the canned one.

    2. Oh?

      But I've used raw coconut milk before. No difference.

  4. Okay Ebun, the few times I used it, it was great for my moisture DC, but I used the one I extracted myself from the coconut, which is what I also use to manufacture hair products.

    This is what I think. The coconut milk in cans are not pure coconut milk. Other ingredients like Carbomer 940, guar gum and preservatives have been added to it. The carbomer and guar gum is what is used to regulate and normalise its viscosity, and what is found in all hair gels (both natural and non-natural). These other ingredients are what might have led to the result you had.

    Next time, use pure coconut milk, extracted from the coconut itself, (not coconut water o). I believe your hair would like it.

    1. Alright. I'll try it again.

    2. I've used the canned one severally and my hair turned out okay. The ingredient section only listed 100% coconut milk

    3. There's nothing like 100% canned coconut milk. It is just marketing gimmick. Once it is canned, it is not 100% pure, cos it has to be preserved and regulated.

  5. I think you experienced protein over load. coconut milk protein with added yogurt protein. To save time you can also used creamed coconut (It is grounded 100% coconut that has been vacuum packed). also leave the oil section in your mix.

  6. I think even if it doesn't make it soft,it has its benefits.I haven't tried coconut milk but I use coconut oil$it's good.

  7. . Great Conditioner:

    Coconut milk is a great organic hair conditioner to provide you with longer and thicker hair. You can take equal amounts of coconut milk and shampoo in your hands and rinse your hair as usual. You can also use it as a leave in conditioner which gives added volume to your hair without making them greasy. Take a small amount of coconut milk on your palm and rub your hands together. Bend forward such that your hair is flowing towards the floor and rub the coconut milk on your hair from roots to ends including the underside of your hair at the nape of your neck.
    A DC using coconut milk, honey, olive oil and an egg is also recommended
    coconut oil and milk are rich in emollients, which means they have a softening effect on the natural hair---------------web search result

  8. For my henna gloss treatments I mix the henna with coconut milk (canned) and I get fantastic results...Henna usually hardens my hair but the milks seems to have a softening effect. It also makes the henna easy to apply and rinse out afterwards so it's a plus for me!


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