The incredible dark skin, blonde hair people

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Hi Naturalistas
Today I want y'all to meet the Melanesian people from the Solomon Islands particularly known for their unique dark skin and blonde hair. 
Melanesia, located close to the north and north east parts of Australia is home to these beautiful people with coily, thick blonde hair and very dark skin. 
I stumbled on a photo of 3 black kids with dark skin and blonde hair a while back. I thought they were really cute and I just brushed it off like  "Interesting combination!"
My thoughts were that it could simply be a sort of an interracial mix. Just recently I stumbled on an article that explained that it was actually a mutation of the gene and I was pleasantly surprised. This just happens to be a unique characteristic for these people. It is so beautiful to behold.


Beautiful right?
Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride.

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