Real life natural hair talks: What changed?

Hi Ladies
This one is for the ladies, that's why I specifically channelled my greetings to the ladies.

I just want us to pause a bit and share a few thoughts. 
If you read my post here I talked about how you can create some feminity around an otherwise boring natural look. Especially for a TWA look, you definitely want to stack up on all the little tricks that will not give you off as a clueless girl or worse still, a boy. You want to create something that still looks flashy, or something in between, as opposed to boring. 

Some people had to change their wardrobes to look more girly to even things out on a good note. Some learnt to accessorize more to give off a more fun look. 
My questions are:
What did you have to change?
Why did you think it was necessary?

I was never a scarf person. I used to do baseball hats hahaha
But these days, I realized that scarves go with my new hair than the baseball hats, thus I'm more or less turning to the scarf kind of life.

Another thing was the makeup. I'm not sure I can entirely put this one here and I'll tell you why. I've always been into makeup, but I usually did light makeup. I know somewhere along the line, I found myself trying more bold lips frequently. I used to wear them once in a while, when I was really dressing up. I found out that I upped on that, but then again, I think it could also be that it had nothing to do with my hair. Perhaps, I just evolved into a lady who was now eager to break out of her comfort zone, and that fact was also channeled through my makeup. It could be mere coincidence. Anyways, it happened right about the same time and I thought I just might put it out there as well. 

So now you have mine, let's hear yours! 

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Hurry ladies, share your stories!

Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride 

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  1. I'm a small person sizewise nd my hair only made me smaller. Make up and accessories have been my saving grace.

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  4. I had to work on my make up, 'more was more' lol. And scarves and turbans became my best friend. I love this site.

  5. I had to switch it up with the make up. More hoop earrings, turbans and scarves became my best friends on 'lazy days'.... I love this site!!

    1. Josephine Odion- plsssssss email me..

  6. Hi girls :D I guess the biggest change in my wardrobe to accomodate going natural is Big Earrings. Being a 'tom boy' I always wore studs. But to especially point out my femininity I invested in dangling earrings after going natural. For me comfort has always been behind and will keep driving my choices. I like wooden or plastic jewelery opposed to metal which irritates my skin.

  7. When I became fully natural, I realized I started using more make up. Without make up I looked just okay with my natural hair. Make up made my hair look good if that makes sense lol. And most times I went without earrings when I had my natural hair. I still don't understand why.

  8. Yeah for me big chopping makes me more aware of my looks. Conscious not to look like a boy. I am d don't care if I don't wear earring to leave d house type. Now I've rediscovered d 4 big earrings I've had like forever but never used. I'm considering make up when I've been a no make up type. My long relaxed hair made me lazy about my looks. I'm more interested in my looks now n I love it

  9. Oops email Heck I'm probably late

  10. yes. scarves, silk scarves.varietues of them. thats one thing that havn my natural hair changed in my dressing

  11. Make up and earrings, definitely.

  12. Eyebrows especially, nothing makes you look good like perfectly sculpted eyebrows and a neat updo


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