Elizabeth's Natural Hair Journey

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My Hair Journey

My natural hair journey started on December 30th, 2012. I was getting tired of my hair because it was no longer improving in length. It was dry and brittle; to top it all, I had dandruff, which was so annoying because I scratched my hair a lot. My last relaxer was in August 2012. So I made up my mind to cut my hair low but was still not sure if I should as at then. The dandruff which I had been trying to treat got worse by November and I was so ashamed of my hair and I made the bold step at last (Making sure I got wigs for covering). I told my mum about it and she trimmed my hair so low with a scissors (my first big chop) and I felt like a new person plus I was now curious to see what my own natural hair would look like.

Not satisfied with this low cut; I decided to cut every strand of hair on my head away. So in December 2012, on a beautiful Sunday, in front of my bedroom mirror, I had my second big chop. I was BALD but felt relieved as well.

I took pictures after that big chop and started wearing wigs. Everyone wanted me to stop the wig-wearing as they felt I looked good with the low cut. But I had no intention in doing that until my hair was of a very impressive length.
Big Chop
 Few weeks after, this is what my hair looked like

Few weeks after BC
2 months post BC
 I had to do the Big Chop (or should i say really big chop) though I was initially thinking of transitioning but could not because of the dandruff I had. I was mostly wearing wigs because of the bald look.

4 months post BC
6 months post BC

9 months post BC

On Box Braids

Side-swept Kinky Braids
Packed Kinky Braids
These are some products that have been useful to me:

-Water (to wet my hair before combing; this makes it easy)

-Olive Oil

-Gervenne Nutri Shine anti-dandruff shampoo

-Shea Butter (Though I don’t like the smell but it’s all for the best)

-Organic Root Stimulator Uplifting shampoo

-Meditrit Triple action hair cream

My hair treatment so far……

-Co-Washing once a week
-Daily moisturizing
-Shampooing 1-2 times a week

My hair was one year last December and I’m super excited to have reached this point. And as much as I want the long luscious hair, I also want to enjoy my hair as it is.

Though my hair is still short, I intend growing it to my dream hair length. Natural hair is just the best for me and I love it.

Hair at the moment
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  1. Oh wow!! The bald look? Very brave!

  2. I really love the pic of your hair @ 6months. I'm wishing took more photos of my hair at a shorter lenght!
    Happy Growingxx

  3. wow! i doubti can go bald.. im going to have to get a lot of wigs if i try it...

  4. Nice hair,looking so healthy. Meg_frek@yahoo.com.

  5. Oh my! That was reallllly bold! Well done! Serenataphy@gmail.com

  6. if I as back home in Ghana, i will be rocking the short hair, wouldn't care and no body would care either. But here, it's different, I'm more conscious of my looks, don't know why. lool. But the short cut really suit here though.

  7. wow really brave but its encouraging to see youe length. congrats. please how can i be featured on the instagram page? wummyatme@yahoo.com

  8. Lowest big chop I have seen so far.
    Thats really impressive.
    Do you still have issues with dandruff now or did you achieve your goal of a dandruff free scalp?

  9. Yes, she is very bold and brave. There's no telling how many other ladies will be encouraged. just by seeing this

  10. This is really interesting and inspirational. Thanks for the insider look, for those of us who want to do the BC, but are too afraid X_x

  11. u look gud in big chop best big chop i have seen


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