My top 10 tips for a better natural hair journey in 2014

Hi Naturalistas
I know as we turned into a new year, some of you have made a decision to care for your hair more. These are a few tips to add to your list of things to pay attention to.

1. Research! If there's one advice I would give to you this year, it'd be learn about your hair. Learn about what your hair needs and doesn't.

2. Fall in love with your hair. Note not natural hair, not someone else's BUT YOURS. The type, the curl pattern, the thickness and everything that makes your hair truly yours.

3. Be gentle on your hair. Cut down on the constant manipulation. Your nape and edges will appreciate it the most.

4. Your hair needs moisture. Feed it with moisture frequently. 

5. Do not wash your hair too frequently. Give it time to actually 'relax'. I know this kinda opposes the point in number 4 but washing your hair all the time means more combing, more manipulation. There are so many ways you can gather moisture for your hair without putting it through the stress of excessive washing. (Back to point 1)

6. Keep your hair and scalp clean. You need a dirt and flake free scalp to enjoy your hair journey. Plan your washes. Remember, you do not have to over wash your hair to achieve this. 

7.  Ditch combs with tiny bristles. Use the wide tooth options. If I could recommend a handy skill, it'd be finger combing. 

8. Ditch your blow dryer, air dry more.

9. Invest in a good conditioner and leave in conditioner. Your hair will thank you.

10. Get rid of your hair towels. Try an old t- shirt. The hair towel pulls on your hair, while the t- shirt gently glides through. Your hair knows the difference. 

I really hope you enjoy your hair journey this year.

Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride 

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  1. Great tips & reminders! I especially love No. 10, will definitely be doing that.


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