How to Care for your Baby's Natural Hair

By DiscoveringNatural (Lil Sis at 3 months old)

Are you a new mother or expecting a little bundle of joy? Well then, this might be a blog post that will help you when it comes to caring for your baby. On top of all the things you have to do when caring for a baby, the process of taking care of his/her natural hair might not be on top of your list.

These 3 tips below will help you with this process.

Tip 1: Keep It Simple
The care of your baby's natural hair does not have to be too complicated. You do not need to shampoo the baby's hair daily. When you wash your baby's hair, gently pour some lukewarm water on his/her hair, massage the water on the scalp to lift up any build up. Then proceed to using either a cleansing conditioner or sulfate-free shampoo. Personally, I do not feel that you need to do different treatments such as deep conditioning and protein treatments on a baby's hair.

Tip 2: More Natural Products are Better
Personally, I would not use sulfate shampoo on baby's hair because this can cause the hair to be dry. Some of the common baby shampoo products do contain sulfate, make sure to check the ingredient list. Using a cleansing conditioner can help keep the balance of moisture in the baby's hair. To moisturize the hair, I would suggest using Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on damp hair and a little moisturizing cream, if necessary. A little shea butter can also help keep the hair moisturized by sealing in the moisture provided by the water used in rinsing the baby's hair.

Tip 3: Don't Stress over the Hair
Many parents worry about what their baby's hair texture is, and also why the baby is losing hair on either the sides of the head or the back of the head. First of all, let's talk about the texture. Remember, their true hair texture has not yet been established. Do not stress about hair curl patterns and texture of your baby's hair. The driest part of the baby's hair is usually the back of this/her hair. This section usually encounters the most loss of hair. This is because most babies sleep on their backs. Some things you can do is to keep this area moisturized. You can also switch your baby's crub sheet to satin because cotton is known to soak up all the moisture on natural hair. However, do not worry too much about this. The hair will grow back.

Lil Sis at 5 years old
What are your struggles with your baby's natural hair?


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  2. I LOVE lil sis hair!!! My baby is just 1 & her hair has been natural texture since she was 6 months. However its still scanty & short at the back & sides. I currently use Johnsons no tears formula & your AN deep conditioning mayonaise. What other products can I use on her hair to give volume & lenght?

  3. Oh my...see Lil Sis hair!!! Absolutely yummy! Boing!

  4. There are some parents out there that are under the impression that any baby product from a store's shelf today is safe for their baby.


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