My Natural Hair Pre Poo Routine!

 Hallo loves! A Pre Poo treatment will leave your hair resilient and ready to go through the rigour of a wash day exercise. Something as simple as washing your hair makes it vulnerable. As we all know, hair is at its weakest in its wet state. Any handling of wet hair has to be done with extreme precaution because it is at this time that the hair is most sustainable to breakage. A good Pre Poo regimen ensures that hair is fortified with healthy natural oils that serve in strengthening the hair shaft and making it pliable and not so vulnerable to damage. Two champion oils to use are, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, as they are able to penetrate the hair shaft, and work their magic within.

Enjoy Ladies, and a delightful Tuesday to all!


  1. I think I need coconut oil in my life. My pre-poo's my DC sometimes, especially when I want to cut down the amount of time I spend.

  2. Hi Sis!I found that when i use just plain coconut oil sometimes,my hair kind of gets crunchy and a little frazzled.Mixing it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil has made this problem disappear for me.And since both this oils are able to penetrate into the hair shaft,they do condition the hair too so yes,I can definately understand what you are saying!Vatika oil is also so so amazing as a Pre Poo!Thnak you for watching and commenting Sis!Bless up!


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