Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 34

If there is a time I have been bad, it was this past weekend. Maybe Dimeji has been infecting me with his mischievous streak. Boma, that’s my niece’s name, was dumped on my mum by my sister and her husband last week, because they wanted to have an ‘us time’ at La Campagne beach resort from Friday till Sunday. My mum, who had a weekend party in Ogun state, in turn dumped Boma on me, not even acknowledging the fact that I was supposed to attend my departmental meeting in church.

Around noon, I made custard with milk for myself, and my niece did not let me rest. She almost finished the whole thing, and was even crying for more. After a while, I looked into her food bag, and saw she had her own food. I tried to feed it to her, but she refused, and went for the second round of custard I had to make after she finished the first one. I wondered why she was rejecting her food, and decided to take a look at it again. Upon inspecting it, a mean thought came to my mind.

Since she has decided to feed on my food, I will feed on hers also. Only that instead of me to put her food in my mouth, I will go a little bit higher, and put it on my head. Her food was baby fruit purees, and mostly the banana flavor. I had heard of the many benefits of using mashed banana and banana smoothies on natural hair, but since I had never been bold enough to mash banana and put on my hair, I figured that this was my chance to benefit from the banana goodness.

I looked at her as she tried to grab the spoon that was too big for her to handle. “Well Boma, if you want only custard, then you will get only custard. How about my custard for your Banana puree?”

The only people that could have caught me in the act were my brothers, and they are too carefree to be bothered about how I feed Boma. And Boma was not complaining, so who cares?

All through the weekend, I fed my niece the custard, and that evening, I deep conditioned my hair with her banana puree. Hey don’t judge me. After all, she rejected it. She was happy, and I was happy. That made two happy friends. Voila!
When I set out to embark on this natural hair journey, I never for once thought, I would be driven to evil deeds because of the obsession for hair care.

Who knows, maybe this was all it took to bring out the Mr Hyde from my Dr Jekyll personality.

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  1. OMG!! You didn't do that! Lolz. Anyways we are all entitled to some evil deeds *Evil grin*

  2. Lmaoooo. Oh no you didn't ! Haha


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