5 Things to know before you dye your natural hair

Hello Naturalistas,

We are talking colour today! A friend of mine told me she wanted to do a mohawk and dye her hair and I replied with a "NOoooooooo" it was more for the mohawk (I didn't want her to cut her hair). I didn't know much about putting colour in your natural hair and as usual I took out my g-spy-kit and went knowledge hunting.

Here is what I found;


1. Figure out if you want Permanent or Semi-permanent. Think long and hard if you want to go all the way or just experiment for a while and what changes you want. The semi-permanent dye is a less damaging option as it just coats the outer layer and it doesn't contain ammonia or peroxide.

The Semi-permanent lasts for about 4 weeks - 6 weeks for the Permanent you might need to repeat the process after 6-8 weeks (Especially those trying to cover grey areas)

2. Deep conditioning treatment before you dye. Doing a deep conditioning treatment 2-3 days before you dye will help protect your strands and scalp from the process. Its to keep many natural oils in your scalp as possible. 

3. Your Hair is Weaker. You have to know that your hair is weaker with chemical dye in it and susceptible to breakage, so you have to be extra diligent to battle the breakage. 

4. Moisturise. Your hair is also dryer because of the colour, moisturise! moisturise! moisturise!!! and do a more regular deep conditioning treatment.

5. Frequency of dye treatment. You want to be careful about frequently you touch-up your treatment, too much can weaken the hair and cause breakage.

I hope this helps you if you are considering experimenting with colour. Can you tell that I am considering it already? :)

Question. Will you consider dying your hair?

Have a wonderful day.


  1. If I dyed my hair, it would be a semi-permanent color, so that it goes off eventually - I tend to get bored easily.

    Another tip from the Loving Your Hair workshop I attended with Felicia Leatherwood - don't dye your hair blonde directly from black. Do it in stages - Black to Brown to Red to Blonde. This way puts less stress on your hair.

    1. Me too, I would do semi-permanent too. I just want to experiment and do something different.

      Lovely tip thanks. I would do brown most likely. Blonde? In this nation? and not hear word again from the forces that be. Lol. Mba!

    2. Lol, blonde isn't anywhere near my radar. Funny though, I would want to go red, not brown.

  2. I would love to dye my hair black. But I worry about the damage my hair could face.
    How about using nature vital henna? Would it give me the desire result without the damages?

    1. Hello Idy, The points above should help reduce whatever damage the dye would do to the hair. I had also mentioned that you will just experience dryness and breakage and that can be managed by moisturising and using semi-permanent dye.

      I know my Aunt used it to dye her grey hair once and she liked the results. So, i think it would be a good choice.

      I hope this answers you? Let us know when you're done

  3. Pls which dye can I use .hav tried using cream of nature 2 times n it dint change colour

    1. Hi, The only one I know and can recommend is Natur Vital Henna. Check it out.


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