Natural Hair Care in Harmattan

Hey everyone,

Janyl has been featuring posts on dealing with natural hair in winter. Since I'm based in Nigeria, and a lot of other readers, I'm taking a cue from her and writing about how to care for our hair in Dry Season/Harmattan, which should be here already (but the blasted rain keeps coming!).

For the record, the hair is supposed to look like straw because it's dry :p

Anyway, the hair care tips are generally similar to those used during winter. The basic thing is to keep your hair moisturized via the following ways.

  1. Moisture 
    Remember, my beautiful haired friends that, moisture is the foundation of what keeps our hair strong and healthy. Of course, like we always say, moisture is simply good old WATER! I must add here that it's not enough to simply put water in your spray bottle for regular spritzing; drinking water is also beneficial to your hair (and skin, and general well-being). Don't forget to seal the moisture in, using oils and/or creams/butters.
  2. Protection
    Protective styles are your friend, my friends :p What's a protective style? Any hairstyle that keeps your ends hidden, and has low-to-no manipulation. Basically, you want your ends to be well hydrated and covered up. You can tuck in your ends or cover them with braids/weaves/wigs/twists, scarves (it's your choice). I have my hair in my basic go-to bun right now - easy peesy, and my ends are tucked in and hidden away from the elements.
  3. Cowash
    A great way to boost moisture during dry times is simply forgoing shampoo and cowashing your hair instead. As shampoo can strip your hair, cowashing is a good alternative to cleanse your hair while conditioning at the same time.
  4. Hot Oil Treatments
    I had an impromptu hot oil treatment last week, because my hair was sooo dry from using gel the week before. Since then, my hair has felt so lush and moisturized. The heat from the oils (or dryer, depending on your method) opens up the strand cuticles, ensuring penetration of moisture into your hair.
  5. Carry your spray bottle with you
    If you have a travel-size spray bottle with you, you can spritz on-the-go. I can't tell you the number of times when I'm out, and all of a sudden feel the need to get some much needed H20 in my hair. Since I have it handy with my water+oil+leave-in mix, it's easy for me to hydrate whenever, wherever.
These are some of my tips that you can use when dealing with the impending dry weather. Are there any other tips you use and care to share?

Have a loverly weekend!


  1. Like the idea of carrying my spray bottle with me. Need to get smaller sized ones. Thanks babe.

  2. That's true o!. The rain just keeps coming.
    Thanks for sharing the tips.
    They are just what I needed to know.
    Much love sis.

  3. Last harmattan was when I suffered one of my major hair set backs. I'm not taking chances this time around. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Natural care is the best care for hair treatment. I have dry hair and I use egg with mustard oil every alternate day to make smooth and silky hair. Also there is some treatment for hair but I prefer natural care. I have few more methods for dry hair treatment and is very useful. I really appreciate your article and the article shared below.
    If you have other tips for long and dry hair please share with us. Thanks for your wonderful share.


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