Does bald hair count as Natural hair too?

I often come across women posting a bald "hairstyle" on natural hair groups and I'm always surprised that someone with no hair would also categorize themselves as having hair. I especially chuckle when these women seek "hair" advice and stress over their "hair" problems.

Recently, BGLH (black girl long hair) featured a Baldie "natural" bride on their page, where it got mixed responses from readers. Some of the readers also thought the bride didn't "qualify" as a naturalista due to obvious reasons. The unusual "hairstyle" was soo shocking to me that I had a hard time noticing other details of the wedding. I couldn't help but think "I hope she doesn't regret her hairstyle years from now when low cuts for brides are no longer Hot". *sigh*

Anyway, back to topic, I don't think a baldie counts as a Naturalista because they don't have hair. Their hair can't be categorized as a TWA either because well, they don't have hair, talkless an afro. The fact that they don't have to do anything to their "hair" in the morning or at night supports this point.

Now, some of you might say, "but her hair isn't relaxed or chemically altered". It's true that her "scalp" hasn't been altered yet since she has no hair to relax.

So what's your take? Also, would you go bald or wear a TWA on your wedding day? 

The Mane Captain


  1. I totally agree with you. No hair to get worried over in the morning or at night.

  2. If you're completely bald, as in not a single hair, then I probably wouldn't tag you as natural. But I can't say you're not natural either. I dunno.

    That being said, I don't think it's very nice to say "hope she doesn't regret it when she comes to her senses and low cuts are no longer hot." So being bald means you don't have sense? And you don't know why she's chosen to be bald so it's not anyone's place to judge her so. Imagine if someone said "I hope Berry doesn't regret using natural hair at her wedding, when she comes to her senses in the future." That kind of thinking is NOT okay.

    1. Lol. I don't think there's cause for worry. Anyone bold enuf to go bald on their wedding day will most likely not 'regret' in future.

    2. That was an innocent statement and my personal opinion which wasn't meant to be negative or rude, like your response. But you're free to interpret it in whatever way you choose.

  3. I believe she is natural because she us not using chemicals on her scalp where her hair would grow out from.

  4. Why do you think she chose to go bald to follow a trend? You contradict yourself already by saying that a bald bride is shocking. I am pretty sure the woman made a personal choice that had nothing to do with being "hot", so why would she regret it?

  5. I went to the original post on 'black girl long hair' and to be honest i saw only one negative comment. All others were full of praise and applause.

    Personally i think it was her choice and she looked fierce and stunning.

    As per low cuts for brides, i don't think it has ever been an 'in vogue' thing. So i don't think regretting the decision later would come up at all. I've always known that brides who go bald or low cut for their big day, do it cos they love the look and it has probably become their signature style.

    That said, would i go bald on my wedding? I am not that brave + i have a big But i can definitely rock a TWA.


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