Winter ready: Winter essentials for your hair

Hi Naturalistas
I know most of you are already going for your holiday shopping, so this might help now to show you what you should throw in there for your hair. This is what I put together to help me get by this winter.

1. Coverings for your hair: when you're out and about in the cold, beanies and scarves can help shield your hair from the cold. 

2. Good oils for your hair - for shine, moisture retention and to seal in moisture. I usually do olive oil and glycerine for moisture. Use the glycerine and my leave in conditioner first, then seal in with my olive oil. Avoid using coconut oil out and about in winter, otherwise it'll congeal, harden on your hair and leave tiny particles in your hair instead of coating it. I usually use it just for deep conditioning this period. 

3. Conditioning hair products - herbal essences bee strong strengthening intensive mask, herbal essences bee strong leave-in-conditioner: You need always need to stock up on conditioners 'cause your hair will always need them. 

4. Taliah waajid curl sealer - The cold will effectively cause shrinkage and try to mess up your well defined curls. This will help combat it to keep your curls lasting longer. Use it for your twists. 

5. Household items that can help keep your hair in good shape e.g honey, eggs, avocado, banana ... etc 

6. Wigs, weaves, extensions, wools - for protective styling ...

This is just to give you an idea of what you might need to spend some money on and it is mostly for those that do not live in Nigeria, have to deal with the harsh winter and cannot get their hands on the African Naturalistas products, these are products that can work too.

Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride

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  1. Very good! I never knew Herbal Essences smiled upon natural hair. I always looked away from their display. I guess I know what to do now :)


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