How To Protect Your Natural Hair When Swimming.

Hi ladies.
                Today, I'm gonna be sharing some hair tips for those of you that enjoy swimming.

1. Wet your hair thoroughly before you dive in. This helps to reduce the amount of chlorine your hair absorbs that causes breakage.

2. Use Protectant like coconut oil.It aids in reducing chlorine penetration whilst moisturizing your strands.

3.Wear protective styles like buns,twists to prevent tangling and reduce chlorine absorption.

4. Ditch the swim cap. It might do more harm than good to your edges especially when it's tight.

5. Use Clarifying shampoo to remove build-up and chemicals after a swim.

6. Restore your hair's nutrients with a deep conditioning treatment.

Stay beautiful


  1. Ha! Every day I learn something new here.
    normally i would put on my swimming cap and dive into the waters. At the end I would only just shampoo my hair and am done.
    Well now it a whole new me.
    Thanks @eBunite for this.

  2. Very informative post, didn't know about wetting the hair thoroughly and using coconut oil as a protectant before swimming. Thanks for sharing.


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