Should you use hot or cold water to wash your natural hair?

I have have always wanted to do a post on this topic. Your decision to wash your hair with either hot or cold water will depend on what you think is best for your hair texture.

Hot water is good to use to wash your hair when you really want to wash all the excess dirt, oil off, and build up that has accumulated over time off your hair, as it would lift your hair cuticles, and exfoliate your hair. The thing is continually using hot water may lead to highly porous hair, and stripping sebum off your hair. What do you get when you have a combination of these two? Frizzy hair!

On the other hand, using cold water to wash your hair will not lift your cuticles like hot water. It would actually flatten them. It makes sure the moisture is retained, and natural oils not stripped. The thing is washing your hair with cold water might make your lack curls, and look flat if your hair lacks volume.

So in the end, it will depend on what you want, and the proclivities of your hair. If your hair lacks volume, and is of low porosity, you might want to use hot water. If it is highly porous and frizzy like mine, you might want to stick with cold water.

What if you want the benefit of the two methods? You can start the washing process with hot water to get rid of all the dirt and all, and when you are about to rinse out your conditioners, switch up to cold water.

As for me, because of my hair texture, and the fact my hair is very big and poofy already, I use cold water. The key is to know what works for you.

N:B: Hot water in this article does not mean scalding hot, but warm water. And cold water does not mean freezing cold, but room temperature cold.

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  1. I use warm water first since I have oily scalp but porous hair. Then I use cool water for the final rinse. Infact by the time I'm done washing and deep conditioning, my water will turn cold...easy peasy!

  2. I didn't know about all this apart from the fact that warm water takes off dirt and oil. I love the feeling of warm water running down my hair. It feels like a massage. I would just add cold water at the end to get the benefit of both.
    It sha reminds me of our skin when one uses warm and cool water.

    1. Lol. Well, now you know. I remember when my hair was relaxed, and I used to go to the salon. My hair stylist would ask I wanted to use warm or cold water to wash my hair. I just used to pick randomly, and never even had a reason for my decision. Even the hair stylist did not know too. Lol.

  3. I prefer room temperature all around, and occasionally will use warm water.

    1. Just finished washing my hair now. Room temperature from start to finish.

  4. Oh thank u,i used to think only cold water is good for our hair...thank you


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