Introducing 'the winter ready' series

Hi Naturalistas

Happy new month!
Wow it's December, it's the last month of the year.
Ok enough with the excitement. I have a special affinity for December, I'm sure you can tell already :)

I decided to cook up a nice series for those of us that have to deal with the not so temperate cold climate

We love winter, make that, most of us do :)
Oh the beauty that comes with winter, that's a story for another day.
However, we do have that one thing that we dread - the cold.
Our kinks dread it more than we could ever do, talk about messing them up.

I decided to put together a few posts, through out this month to help us truly rock those kinks with pride this winter.
These are tips that have worked for me, and that is what I'll be sharing.
I hope you find them rewarding 
Check for the first installment in my next post. 
It'll be my never failing mix that helps to retain shine, eliminate frizz, dryness and breakage.

If you have any questions, suggestions or anything in particular you think you might want to see in the 'winter ready series' let me know.

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  1. It is not ooo! How do I get African Naturalistas products in the United States?

    1. Easy - just whip out your credit/debit card, go to, buy a RT ticket for me, and you'll get AN products FOR FREE!!!

    2. Lol Berry. We all know you would talk your way into anything that would make you get a ticket to the states. Big gal like you.

      @ worshipandswag. Sorry, we don't ship for sale to the US now. If you have anyone coming over, we can send through the person. Thanks

    3. Lol @ Berry! I almost took you serious then I saw!

      @ African Naturalistas: Eeyah, anyway I'll be on the lookout for ways to get your products :)

  2. I do have a question.
    Am here in Nigeria, so no harsh winter. Am thinking of a nice natural hair do for my daughter without using extension. (She is to be the lil bride at a wedding. )
    What would you suggest i do to keep her hair perfect for the occasion.


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