How I successfully protected my hair in harsh winter.

Okay, so I had to quickly dash out to Geneva for a conference, and I had to spend 5 days in that place worse than a freezer. On a normal day, without thinking twice, I would just have tucked my hair under extensions, to hide it from the harsh winter, but I didn't this time. One of the reasons was because I wanted to rock a twistout for my presentation at the conference.

So how did I go through the whole travelling process without having my hair damaged by the weather? Here is a step by step method

1. On Wednesday, I washed my hair, and did the LOC method on my hair

2. On Friday, I put my hair in big twists

3. On Sunday night, I proceeded on my flight, after doing another LOC

4. I got to Geneva on Monday morning, and believe it or not, by the time I stepped out into the dense fog, I covered my hair first with a disposable shower cap, then a wig cap, and then Winter hood. I did this in order to create a separate weather for my hair.

5. On Tuesday, on my way to the WHO building, I did the same thing I did in number 4

6. Every night, I used a disposable shower cap, and then covered my head with a thick plastic bag before sleeping. Although, I would have loved to spray my hair every night with water, I didn't cos my hair frizzes very fast, and I wanted a well-defined twist out for the presentation on Thursday morning.

7. On Wednesday I only covered my hair with the winter hood, after doing another LOC.

8. On Thursday morning, I unravelled my twist. It was so lovely while in my room, and I constantly prayed for it not frizz up and shrink madly before my presentation. I just covered my hair with the hood, and walked to the WHO building.

9. I had my presentation, and guess what. During the team break, I ran to the ladies, put my hair into about 8 big twists, and packed it up. Lol. I was just too afraid of that weather drying my hair. Talk about paranoia.

10. By Friday morning, the hair was looking like a mess, and I had to get to the airport as early as possible. I just covered my hair with the hood, and went to the airport, after doing LOC.

11. After checking in, believe me, I found a corner, and made my hair into regular twists again. Lol. I made my hair at the airport. Thankfully, the section of the twists loosed on Thursday morning was still there, and I was able to finish it in just about 1 hour 20 minutes (On a normal day, I spend about 3 hours 30 mins twisting my hair). Let's just say by the time I passed through security and got to the boarding gate, they were already announcing my name on the airport loudspeaker. Yes, I almost missed my flight, lol. The lesson here is that if you want to make your hair at the airport, go through security first, and make it at the boarding gate, lol.

12. Immediately I got up the plane, I covered my hair with a disposable shower cap again, and covered it with my winter hood. I didn't remove it until I got to Murtala Mohammed Airport.Yes, I was obsessed with creating a different weather for my hair to thrive in.

I believe I was successful in preventing my hair from being dried my the harsh winter. Thanks to LOC and my disposable shower caps.

I had the shower cap and wig cap under that hood. The cold was
so bad, we had to cover our lips. I only uncovered it to
take the picture.

How my twistout finally looked for the presentation.
I plan to implement a whole lot of these tips for the harmattan in Nigeria too. Last year, I suffered a major hair setback because of the harmattan, and I don't intend for that to happen this year.

N.B: LOC here means using Leave-in, Oil, Conditioner in that order to seal in moisture in your hair.

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  1. Oh my gosh!
    Your hair looks great.
    With all that tlc treatment.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Aww, thankks very much. I was just too scared of hair damage.

  2. Oh my... I love your hair. always thought it was some kind of magic people did to make their hair that nice. My air is still short but I hope It can look this nice when it finally grows.

    1. Lol at magic. Yes, your hair will be this nice when long, if not nicer.


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