Winter ready: 6 things to remember for your natural hair this winter

Hi Naturalistas
To conclude these series, I will leave you with these helpful tips for the winter. 

1. Wash your hair less often. Your hair will take longer to dry. You don't want to expose your hair to more heat, you don't want to go out with wet hair too because either way, you expose your hair to easy breakage. 

2. Avoid the shampoos and co- wash more. Every time you shampoo your hair, you rip your hair of moisture and oils. 

3.  Do not neglect your leave in conditioner and remember to use it on damp hair instead of dripping wet hair, to ensure the leave in doesn't drip away.

4. Up your moisture level. Deep condition more to retain oils and moisture. 

5. Most of the fabrics you'll throw around your neck, even your heavy coats during this period are mostly made of cotton and wool. To prevent the hair from rubbing around on the fabrics, drying out from it and breaking, do up dos and avoid allowing your hair to hang loose. I will say try more protective styles. 

6.  If you are wearing a wooly hat, or tying a wooly scarf, protect your hair first by using a silk scarf underneath. 

I have a surprise for you in 2014
Watch out.
Happy new year in advance.

Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride 

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  1. What is a good leave in conditioner I have 3a hair


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